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The breakdown of a relationship tends to involve high emotions, especially where children are involved. 


On an emotional level you may be experiencing a range of feelings – betrayal, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, uncertainty, disappointment, disbelief, or regret. On a practical level you may not know what steps you should be taking or what you should be doing or saying to your partner or children.


Just because divorce is more common now doesn’t mean it is any easier to deal with or simpler to know what to do.


Every family law situation is different, so although you may have friends, family or colleagues who have been through a separation, chances are that the process and outcome in your matter will be quite different, and in fact it can be detrimental to your case to act on advice from anyone apart from a specialist in family law.

The first step to take is to get proper legal advice about how the system works and to understand your rights and obligations. 


With compassion and efficiency, we can help you during this difficult time by working with you to resolve your dispute.


Rachelle Laforge

613-755-4056 ext. 101

Soldier, skydiver, traveler, entrepreneur, lawyer, mother to five children and able to drive a 10 ton truck.  Rachelle’s life story speaks of resilience, passionate commitment to whatever she takes on and a desire to experience pretty much everything the world has to offer.


Rachelle grew up in Thunder Bay and spent time living on Vancouver Island, in Quebec city and in England.  Her background before being called to the bar include serving in the Canadian armed forces for 10 years and co-owning and operating two computer retail stores for 7 years.


Rachelle is now a successful lawyer, happy wife and mother and enthusiastic consumer of adventure.  A natural extension of her commitment to her community and her deep belief in the power of a helping hand, Rachelle is a dedicated board member of Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell. 

Gabrielle Beaulieu

613-755-4056 ext. 102

Gabrielle has been a member in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario since September 2012. Since her call to the Bar she has exclusively practiced in Family Law. She has also been trained as a Family Mediator and as a Collaborative Lawyer.

Since her call to the Bar, Gabrielle has been actively involved with different organizations as well as a mentor. She has given training to social workers, has been a speaker at the Institute of Family Law and has taught at La Cité as well as the University of Ottawa.

She mainly focuses her practice in empowering her clients by providing them the necessary tools and information to allow them to make informed decisions, and guides them through the process.

She offers her services in both official languages.

Alexandra Hachey - lawyer

613-755-4056 ext. 103

Called to the bar in 2019, Alex works in family law and child protection.   She is originally from Quebec but came to Ottawa during high school to learn english.  Alex obtained both a civil law degree and common law degree from the Univeristy of Ottawa in 2018.
Alex loves to bike, camp and anything with food and outdoors!

Aymie is more than a legal assistant...she keeps the office running smoothly!


What Aymie loves:

  • Spending time with her family

  • Volunteering her time throughout the community;

  • Cheering on her two girls in hockey;

  • Cooking

  • Pinteresting!

Aymie Gratton-Racine - legal assistant

613-755-4056 ext. 202

Aymie Gratton-Racine - legal assistant

613-755-4056 ext. 202

Aymie Gratton-Racine - legal assistant

613-755-4056 ext. 202

Sophie Brunet - law student

613-755-4056 ext. 205

Sophie was born and raised in Rockland. She is currently enrolled in the Common Law French program at the University of Ottawa and will be obtaining her Juris Doctor degree in 2021. Sophie is very interested in Family Law.


What Sophie loves:

  • outdoor activities (even in the winter!)

  • Skiing

  • Snow shoeing

  • hiking


I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my behalf. Thank you for your hard work to help me with my case. 


"Thanks again for everything.  You have no idea how much I have appreciated you for the past few years. I will be always grateful 
I thank you so much"


Hi Rachelle,

I just wanted to say I am very happy with today's outcome. It is always a pleasure to work with you


"I will always be extremely grateful for everything you have done for me.  Not only were your fees extremely reasonable,  but the way you have always been there, always been kind, always worked so hard for me (even in the middle of the night while I slept -  you, many times, were working hard to find a just end for me)."


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