A cost effective approach to resolving issues

Mediation is a voluntary process that offers many benefits for families looking to resolve issues that my arise as a result of a significant change.  Sometimes, that change is a new separation but families may also need to mediate other issues such as marriage contracts or previous agreements.

Collaborative Family Law

A respectful way to separate and divorce

A way for parties to resolve their disputes respectfully - without going to court - while working with trained professionals who are important to all areas of your life.

Lawyer assisted negotiations

Helping you reach an out of court resolution

Whether proceeding by mediation, collaborative family law, or lawyer assisted negotiation, the goal for both parties involved ought to be to keep the focus on the important issues. Choosing a respectful process when dealing with the issues arrising out of the breakdown of a relationship will help keep costs (stress, time and money) to a minimum.


Court Process

There are some instances when proceeding in court is neccessary. Rachelle has experience in representing her clients successfully in the Superior Court of Justice on issues dealing with support, custody, access and property.

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